Trading Chat!!

This is another site I made for us, for the use of forums and trading!! The site is:

 On the side bar, you will see something that says “Trading Forum”. Click on that to be directed to the forum or use this link to be directly sent to the forum:



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Webkinz Bee Costumes?!

You heard right!! There are webkinz bee costumes and honey!! In order to get this, you go to the newspaper and keep clicking on the “what is the pet of the month?” ad. KEEP CLICKING!! This could take up to 100 clicks!! You should see an ad like this one. Click on it:

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This is a very good video that DOES WORK!! I have tested this glitch many times and it in fact does work!! Enjoy!! This video is rated G for general audiences.

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We have NEW sites!!

I have just finished creating another webkinz rule fan club site!!The site is:

I am planning on going to mini clip and adding some games!! Enjoy!!

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Safe Trading Area is Here!!!

I have just created a webkinz account for our safe trading area!! I am thinking of adding some games to this site, if you have any just post any ideas or email them to me at For the safe trading area post in this thread what you have/want and when you agree on a trade, send it to me and I will send it to the trader and vice versa. You can truly trust me!! I am also making a site for forums. Enjoy!!


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New SAFE Trading Area Comming To Webkinzrule!!!

You heard right!! I am working on a SAFE trading area for people to post. If you would like to put something up to post, just email me at or post it here!! Happy trading!!


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My Kitchen!!!

I would like to have a little webkinz room of the week or something. doesn’t that sound fun??? I will begin showing my room. This week’s room is a Kitchen.


 Please keep on posting!!!

I can be contacted at

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